NEVERSHIRE unplugged Tour 2017

17.06.2017 - Glückseelig Schliersee - 8 pm

08.07.2017 - Chaplin Bad Wörishofen - 10 pm

14.07.2017 - Chaplin Mindelheim - 10 pm

21.07.2017 - Chaplin Sky Lounge Memmingen - 6 pm

05.08.2017 - Schirmbar Gall Attersee (Austria) - ABGESAGT

01.09.2017 - Rock's Günzburg - 8 pm

09.09.2017 - Pat Murphy's Pub Isny - 8 pm

15.09.2017 - Altstadtnacht Mindelheim - 7 pm

23.09.2017 - Ye Auld Fellows Irish Pub Pfronten - 10 pm

03.11.2017 - Barfly Sonthofen - 8 pm



Life is not predictable – for some it is easy, for others it brings many highs and lows, sunshine and showers. 
Above all, life is about decisions.  
Our story is about Jay, a man who realises that his life is going nowhere.  He doesn’t recognise himself anymore.  His future dreams and ambitions are the result of a structured daily life dictated by others.  Even his own heartbeat is a stranger.

It is time to change: One idea, which is both crazy but convincing, is to travel the world.  His destinations are selected by blindly throwing a dart at the world map.  Nuuk in Greenland,  Andenes in Norway, Chandigarh in India, Cancun in Mexico and New York in the US.  On his travels he experiences events that take his breath away but at the same time, bring him good luck and fortune and above all, help him to better understand who he is.  The challenges which face him in the 5 chosen cities provide him with the valuable chance to meet new people – a chance he learns to value greatly. Whether Jay will return home or not, only he knows. 
The end is just the start of a new adventure.